ID State Rep Priscilla Giddings Exposes Anti-White Programs in Public Schools Pushing BLM, ‘Privilege Walks’, and ‘Recognizing the Myth of Colorblindness’ and More, Despite Reported ‘CRT Ban’

State Representative Priscilla Giddings (R-ID) spoke today about Anti-White racial teachings going on in Idaho Public Schools after this teaching style was banned by the state legislature. Much of what was mentioned in a live-streamed video was specifically towards teaching going on in Ada County, which included Boise City, the biggest county and city in the state.

According to NPR, Idaho has effectively banned Critical Race Theory. How is it being enforced, or is it, and what are schools potentially doing to skirt the new legislation are all questions parents and legislators are eager to get answers to.

It’s unclear if these teaching will continue next year or if these are examples of things that have gone on in the past years.

AVID is one of the programs being alleged to have racially charged teachings in their programs.

A video played in the live stream shows what looks like a Black Lives Matter flag or logo after a musical video teaching children about racial awareness. If the video embedded below is a broken link we will update later as possible, as it is was live as this story was written. In the stream, Rep Giddings spoke and then what appears to be parents and others.

At one point in the video a man says that anyone of any race can experience discrimination but these teaching appear to be demonizing only White people, which he appears to feel doesn’t depict true society, but rather a nefarious agenda in our view.

The video below was recorded by Idaho resident Pam Hemphill:

“Critical Race Theory is a false gospel and is teaching children to hate themselves” said one man.

Parent after parent spoke out, outraged at what’s going on in their kid’s schools continued speaking giving example after example of their kids being made to feel guilty, and more, as the live video continued after our initial publishing of this developing story.

“Racist teachers do not belong in our schools and they need to be removed”, said one lady, who was particularly passionate. She later went on to call for the removal of any teacher exposing kids to any political biases, claiming some teachers are “abusive.” “Examples must be made of these teachers showing a zero-tolerance.” “We all know that if the colors were switched, those teachers would be out.”

“CRT teaches our kids to hate each other.” she went on.

As the session went on a group of mostly female liberal activists with activist t-shirts on including Black Lives Matter were asked to move to the back of the room by the Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, and they refused. The testimonies continued anyway.

A 78-page document has been uploaded to the website below with much detail about what has been going on, what new laws are supposed to be stopping (but may not), what state Democrats are claiming doesn’t exist, or is not happening, and much much more.

This is a developing story that will be updated as is possible with more information. Rep Gidding has been exposing Anti-White teachings for some time now as you can see in the video below from a couple of months ago.

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