Impeachment ‘Star’ Rep. Jayapal Trashes Federal Agents and Encourages Seattle and Portland ‘Protesters’

U.S. House Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA 7th District) has issued a statement about the ongoing protests that many have called violent riots going on in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington in the wake of Federal Officers taking charge.

Jayapal doesn’t mention vandalism, violence, or anti-American sentiment, nor does she mention only “peaceful protesters” in her tweeted out remarks. She simply says she stands in solidarity with ‘the protesters in Seattle and across our country’, with no separation of peaceful protest with the destruction of property including federal property, and other lawless activities.

It’s amazing to think that the Democrat party can’t even support just the peaceful parts of the mostly left-wing protests, they have to pretend like nothing is wrong.

In fact, the impeachment star Jayapal even went as far as to say that the federal officers were meeting non-violence with violence, pitting law and order officers sent by the President of the United States to quell riots, against American citizens, and taking the side of the protesters. She tweeted:

“To the protesters in Seattle and across our country, I stand in solidarity with you. Stay vigilant to what is happening around you, record instances of injustice with detail, and continue responding to violence with non-violence. You are on the right side of history.

These agents are being deployed without the request and consent of state and local officials. Their deputization is nothing short of a disgraceful attempt to obscure the powerful demands of protesters who have been speaking out against police brutality, racism and anti-Blackness.

Let me be clear—Any attempts to attack, hurt, tear gas, pepper spray, shoot, pick up, arrest, suppress the free speech of or trample on the Constitutional rights of peaceful protesters will not only be patently unacceptable but immediately be investigated.”

See below:

Jayapal was one of many who pushed hard to impeach President Donald Trump for Russian Collusion that he was never found guilty of. you can see her talking about it in the NBC video from YouTube below:

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