Jack Dorsey Comes Clean, Appears to Claim that he Witnessed CNN Creating False News

Over the last few months, and in the midst of a separate but closely related Elon Musk Twitter takeover battle, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s character arc keeps getting more wild.

Dorsey has been dropping cryptic hints on Twitter via tweets and tweet replies that he may not be the boogeyman many right-wingers thought he was, although he may still be considered “weak” or as having been “unable” to make changes that many previously thought he was totally in control of. Keep in mind we are speaking with some degree of speculation and opinion.

Although Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter and was CEO two different times, he owns a lot less of Twitter than for example Mark Zuckerberg does of Facebook. 2.363% to be exact. In our speculation, there has been an internal struggle with Dorsey and the rest of Twitter’s board and employees for a long time.

In a response to CNN’s Brian Stelter claiming “Tucker Carlson is always selling… … doubt”, Dorsey asked, “and you all are selling hope?” It gets more intense later on though. See the first tweet:

Later, Dorsey responded to someone else. He appears to be making bold claims that CNN has falsified a narrative for their news channel and that he saw it happen. To a verified Twitter user @RealSarahIdan he responded after she tweeted:

“even @CNN sometimes sell false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand every media is prone to either mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they’re selling you.”

Dorsey’s stunning response:

“I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant “fuck CNN”

More tweets related to the ongoing discussion:

As Dorsey plans his exit from the Twitter board while apparent friend Elon Musk gears up for battle to possibly buy out the company to take it private, it will be interesting to see what cryptic tweets Dorsey drops next.