Jemele Hill Believes ‘No Wiggle Room’ on Not Being a Racist If You Vote For Trump

Jemele Hill, who parted ways with ESPN in part for calling President Trump a white supremacist, now has gone after his supporters, saying that “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room.”

She had recently took to CNN to talk to Don Lemon about Nick Cannon’s comments blaming white supremacy for the comments and saying that he just needs to be educated on antisemitism. She said that people get into the “oppression Olympics.”

Women for Trump supporter Kambree hit back at Hill’s racism accusations and replied to her tweet, saying, “I am voting for president Trump and so is the rest of my Hispanic family.”

Another Trump supporter, who goes by @Real_Defender, substituted, “If you listen to anything Jemele Hill says you are a brainless moron.” They then said that there is “no wiggle room” in that statement.

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