Jesse Watters Lambasts Colbert Crew Arrests and Dem Double Standards, Plans to Help ’Even Things Out’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters announced a different plan of action as it pertains to his planned reporting style going forward. Watters feels that in the news and also in the real world, leftists run roughshod on the legal system and what many feel would be considered a fair coverage field.

Jesse Watters slammed ”not funny” comedian and late night host Stephen Colbert after his people were charged for being in the capitol with ”Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” to harass and insult Republicans for ratings. Watters mentioned that Colbert’s people only did a night in jail because it wasn’t “January 6th” related.

Watters posted the number to the D.C. Capitol police on his show to have his viewers ”nicely” call for more clarity. Watters also mentioned how U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul’s alleged DUI dash cam video hasn’t been released.

He thinks it it was U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert’s husband instead, the video would be on a loop on left leaning news media channels for days. We can only speculate, but it seems he might be on to something, and Watters mentioned Napa, CA law enforcement as well.

“Imagine what would happen, if “Jesse Watters Prime Time” sent producers to Capitol Hill to harass the Democrats…”


It seems that with CNN’s ratings in the tank, “woke” movies bombing at the box office, and censorship facing Elon Musk and more, the people may be ready for things to be more fair and “even”.

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