Jim Jordan Drops the Hammer, Announces Immediate Call for Congressional Investigation into 2020 Election

It’s been 15 days since the 2020 presidential election was held. Not long after the messy election happened, most news outlets had called the race for Joe Biden and declared that President Trump had lost. That is still the official narrative.

Most social media companies will fact check you if you declare anything otherwise. Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO said he isn’t quite sure if voter fraud exists under oath to the US Senate. Meanwhile, President Trump has not conceded and operations are underway in several key states to show evidence of possible voter fraud, glitches, and other things that don’t seem to add up to a lot of people.

There may or may not be enough discrepancies to throw the election in Trump’s favor, but it behooves the GOP to figure out what exactly happened either way in our view so that the American people can have faith in the US election system.

Now House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) along with James Comer (R-KY) have announced they plan to try and do exactly that. A congressional investigation has been called for by the aforementioned two and only time will tell if enough of congress will take it up and make it happen.

The GOP does not have the majority in the House but they did flip 12 seats in their favor so far according to reports, although votes are still being double-checked in many areas apparently. The House Judiciary GOP just announced on Twitter:

#BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan & @RepJamesComer call for immediate Congressional investigation into 2020 election.” See tweet below:

This comes in the wake of the news that President Trump is paying around $3 million dollars for a recount in some parts of Wisconsin, votes seem to be still getting found in Georgia, and people have been threatened into certifying the election in Wayne County Michigan after 2 of 4 canvassers voiced their doubts that all the votes were reliable.

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