Jim Jordan Slams Biden For Suggesting That the U.S. Would Not Engage in Foreign Policy That’s ‘Transactional’

President Biden spoke with G7 leaders today in an online “virtual visit” to Europe where he sought to re-establish the United States as a multilateral team player after four years of what Reuters called divisive “America First” policies under Trump.

Biden claimed that U.S. partnerships had endured and grown through the years because they were “rooted in the richness of our shared democratic values” and that “They’re not transactional. They’re not extractive. They’re built on a vision of the future where every voice matters.”

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) slammed Biden over the comments and said, “Today, President Biden promised that the United Stat[e]s would not engage in foreign policy that’s ‘transactional.'”

Jordan offered up a translation for what that means: “I’m going to give away your tax dollars and not benefit Americans.”

Also according to Reuters, Biden arrived to the virtual summit bearing gifts: a $4 billion pledge of support for global coronavirus vaccination efforts, the re-entry of the U.S. into the Paris climate accord, and the prospect of a nearly $2 trillion spending measure.

Former President Trump said when he was in office that other countries had taken advantage of the U.S. for years because of its “very stupid” trade deals.

Biden tweeted out earlier a picture of himself speaking with the leaders and said, “This morning, I met with my fellow G7 leaders for the first time as president.”

“I made clear that America is back at the table — and I’m committed to working with them to control the pandemic and address the shared challenges we face,” Biden explained.

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