Joe Biden Cuts Off Reporter: ‘There is No Controversy About My Son!’

Over the weekend, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was interviewed by northern Pennslyvania WBRETV reporter Andy Mehalshick who asked him questions on a number of different topics.

A clip of the interview begins with Mehalshick asking, “Mr. Biden if I can.” As Biden interjects, “Sure,” Mehalshick continues, “Questions and controversy continues today about Hunter Biden, your son’s, um –.”

At that point Biden cuts him off and states, “There is no controversy about my son!” It appears Mehalshick also tries to finish his question but it is mostly inaudible because of Biden’s interruption.

“It’s all a lie, it’s a flat lie because the president has nothing to run on. Notice, while American people are talking about what is happening with their families, he has no plan, in the debate he has no plan,” Biden continues to assert.

Biden then uses the mainstream media for cover, “Everything from the Wall Street Journal, every other major news outlet has said what he’s been saying is simply not true, about my son.”

The full video shows that Biden continues by saying, “It’s classic Trump, classic Trump and, uh, because he doesn’t want to talk about manufacturing has gone into recession, how our economy is in the hole, how we are approaching a bleak winter… what is his plan for the next four years, except more of the same, failure.”

The interview began with Biden being asked “What do you want Americans to know, especially those who are connected to the natural gas industry, the fossil fuel industry what the candidates expect under a Biden Administration should you be elected.”

Biden responds that “I would not, I will not ban fracking. I said no fracking on Federal land, number one. Number two, the coal and natural gas industry and oil is not going to be fundamentally changed. They’re already in transition. They’re already in transition.”

“What I’m saying is we will not continue to subsidize, give tax breaks to oil companies which carbon capture what’s coming off gas and oil,” Biden insisted.