Joe Biden Fact Checked by AP, as His Jobs and Gasoline Claims on ‘Shaky Ground’

According to the Associated Press, Joe Biden made more than one claim on Thursday that was on shaky ground. Specifically, Biden’s claims on the situation we are currently seeing with jobs and gasoline. In our view, it seems the left-leaning mainstream media may be turning on Biden, as he has been failing the citizens of the United States, in our view. The first claim made by Biden:

“When I was sworn in as president, the nation was struggling to pull out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Job growth was anemic, with just over 60,000 new jobs per month in the three months before I was sworn in. Then we went to work. We passed the American Rescue Plan back in March. And it worked; it’s still working. Over the last three months, we have created on average 750,000 new jobs per month.”

AP claims Joe Biden is taking too much credit. AP says that in their view, although Biden did do some things to help, much of the job growth is simply people getting jobs back after Covid-19 lockdowns, not organic new job growth.

From AP:

The robust hiring since his inauguration largely reflects the reopening of the U.S. economy after a huge winter wave of coronavirus infections started to peak in January. Widespread vaccinations, which topped three million a day in the spring, played a key role in enabling restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to reopen and start hiring again. Airplanes filled up, as did hotels.

The other fact check is based on this claim by Biden:

“We’re also going after the bad actors and pandemic profiteers in our economy. There’s a lot of evidence gas prices should be going down, but they haven’t. We’re taking a close look at that.”

The Associated Press says that in their view, nothing nefarious is causing gas prices to go up. They believe this is just a supply and demand situation based on the combined policies of those who can have any effect around the nation. In our view, Biden’s administration is anti-oil, which could be causing more speculation in the oil markets.

From AP in part:

Gasoline prices indeed usually fall after Labor Day, after the peak summer driving season. While that hasn’t happened yet this year, analysts say other factors besides malfeasance appear to be in play. U.S. gasoline and oil prices, for instance, have been affected by a hurricane that temporarily shut most oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, several big refineries, and a major fuel pipeline to the East Coast.

The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $3.19, according to the auto club AAA. That is unchanged from a month ago, though up a dollar from this time last year.

We feel that even neutral sources like AP and Reuters often lean left. To see them turn on Biden must mean he is giving the DNC a bad name by failing so badly. The Democrats like immigration because based on our research, it bolsters their voter rolls, but even they know that completely open borders make our nation look like an embarrassment.

The Biden/Harris regime has been basically an open borders administration, reportedly not even following an order from the U.S. Supreme Court yet, to go back to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Stay tuned for more reporting on Biden’s failures.

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