Joe Biden’s AG Announces DOJ Lawsuit Against Georgia for Newly Passed Voter Integrity Laws in State – Federal Showdown

Since the 2020 election and subsequent reported loss by then President Donald Trump, Republicans have been in a frenzy to ensure there was no foul play. Some don’t think there was enough fraud for Joe Biden to win, but that perhaps mass mail-in ballots may have helped tipped the scales.

Others may think there was potential fraud. Most media outlets report there was no widespread election fraud. Nevertheless, red states and swing states around the nation have been enacting tough new voter integrity and voter ID laws, voter roll purges of people no longer registered to vote or in some cased deceased folks, and other measures to tighten up what they believe to be election integrity, and to make sure state elections are all on the up and up.

Recently a bill failed in the U.S. Senate to enact what amounted to a federal takeover in the eyes of many of the elections. Many Democrats didn’t want to break the filibuster to get that bill through, while many others were furious that it wasn’t done. Clearly, the Biden Administration is facing mounting pressure from angry radical left-wing Democrats to stop Republicans from enacting new voting laws.

The Democrats call these new laws voter suppression. The GOP just says they want to prevent cheating. It’s up to the voter to decide which is which. In our view, preventing cheating is a good thing. We didn’t think we’d see a showdown though, between the federal government and the states. But yet, here we are.

Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is announcing a lawsuit against Georgia for their voter integrity bills. Yes, you heard that right.

“Live on @MSNBC: AG Garland announces Justice Dept. suing state of Georgia over recently enacted voting restrictions. BREAKING: AG Garland announces Justice Dept. sues Georgia over new voting restrictions. “Where we believe the civil rights of Americans have been violated we will not hesitate to act”

This is a developing story which we will update as possible.

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