Joe Biden’s Heart Trouble Reveal Adds Him to Growing List of Key Democrats With Known Health Issues

Today former Vice President Joe Biden’s primary care physician released a health summary for the 77-year-old who is running for the Democratic nomination for president. The health summary reveals a few health issues the former VP is dealing with, including A-fib and high cholesterol. With this news, Biden joins a growing list of Democrats that have known health issues including Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA).

In October Bernie Sanders, 78, had a heart attack. He was having chest pains at a campaign event in Las Vegas. Sanders had two stents placed in one of his blocked arteries. At first, his campaign wouldn’t comment either way about whether or not he had a heart attack but after three days of stonewalling, he publicly disclosed that in fact, he did have a heart attack.

Ted Lieu, 50, Congressman from California was treated Wednesday at George Washington University Hospital for chest pain. Lieu had a stent implanted for what is most likely a partial blockage of an artery. According to a press release from Lieu’s Chief of Staff ‘tests ran on Lieu showed no heart damage and no heart attack however they did see the partial blockage which is likely the cause’. Lieu was discharged the same day as his surgery. 

Biden’s A-fib or irregular heartbeat was classified by his doctor as ‘irregularly irregular’ and said there was no sign of heart failure. Biden did have the white of his eye fill with blood during a campaign event this was labeled as something that can happen to anyone at any age and no underlying health issue. He does take medication for his high cholesterol, and also takes medication for acid reflux.

Back in 1988, Biden had an aneurysm that was surgically repaired. During the repair, they discovered a second aneurysm and this was also treated. Biden has not had a recurrence since confirmed by a CT in 2014. However, after the aneurysms were successfully treated he did have deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism. A filter was placed to prevent any further lung embolism.  Biden has also had his gallbladder removed and has been surgically treated for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (not prostate cancer).  

The health statement that was requested by the Biden campaign did not touch on Biden’s cognitive state. This has been brought up in the media on and off because the former VP has had problems recalling where he is and also many ‘gaffes’. 

The Democratic primary is filled with a variety in ages of candidates and Biden is the second oldest running with Bernie Sanders as the oldest. Health and mental condition are a genuine concern for voters as they consider the age of a possible two-term president. If either of the two were elected they would both be well into their 80’s at the start of a second term.

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