John Roberts Has a Meltdown on Fox News About People on Twitter ‘Hammering’ Him

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts had a meltdown today on Fox News after talking about President Trump’s comments on the Proud Boys during Tuesday’s presidential debate.

At an earlier press conference, he asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for a “declarative statement” to denounce white supremacy.

He referenced that in his meltdown, saying, “For all of you on Twitter who are hammering me for asking the question, I don’t care… Stop deflecting. Stop blaming the media… I’m tired of it.”

Prior to the press conference, Roberts tweeted out a response to a user who he may have seen as “hammering” him, “For the record, I didn’t say it was a white supremacist group. But here’s how Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) described them: ‘Proud Boys is a racist organization antithetical to American ideals.'”

Responses to that tweet poured in after the press conference, with many “hammering” Roberts for his badgering of the Press Secretary.

Kayley answered your question definitely. Sorry you couldn’t recognize the answer.

I’m done listening to you. This morning was it! Done with Fox News too.

Why do you all keep asking about white supremacy. It’s such a non issue. But you all spent 30 minutes on it.

McEnany tagged Roberts in a retweet of a video from yesterday after the press conference and told him, “I would refer you to your wife’s reporting from 21 hours ago… accurate reporting I cited in the White House Press Briefing.”

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