Julián Castro Accused of Ageism Against Joe Biden by The View: ‘Nail in The Coffin’

The left-leaning talk show host much reviled by many on the right for being anti-Trump and oftentimes very biased has taken rare form in recent weeks. First with the criticism of Debra Messing and co-star Erick McCormack for calling to ‘dox’ would-be attendees of a Hollywood Hills Trump 2020 campaign fundraiser. Whoopi Goldberg said of the stunt, “you don’t have the right”.

Now the talk show hosts have united around slamming another one on their side of the aisle, Democrat presidential candidate Julián Castro. After barely making it onto the debate stage last night to be part of the more narrow field of Democrats left running for president in the 2020 primaries, it looks as though this may be the end of the road for Castro.

Not too long ago Castro made a video of himself that was targeted to be played during the show Fox and Friends to ensure that President Trump would see it. In the video, he accused Trump of being responsible for the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas in a stunt to catapult his low poll numbers. Well as of recently he is still polling at around 1% according to the Real Clear Politics average and clearly he was on the prowl last night for yet another ‘hail mary’ attempt.

This time he decided to take a potshot at the front runner at last night’s debate, accusing Joe Biden of forgetting something he ‘just said two minutes ago’ during an exchange over who has the better healthcare plan. Without saying the words, many in the media on both sides of the aisle immediately saw this as a ‘low blow’ attack on Biden’s age, especially considering the constant media attention Biden has received lately for gaffes and missteps. This attempt at having a media moment in the sun turned out to be a very bad look for Castro. In the video below from The Guardian you can watch the encounter between presidential candidates Joe Biden and Julián Castro:

Today on The View, the hosts lambasted Castro for his comments. Meghan McCain said of his attack, “put a fork in it, the campaign is over”. Joy Behar, the same age as Joe Biden (76) didn’t mince words. “I have to question Castro’s intelligence,” she said on her feelings of the perceived ageism. Abby Huntsman found it ‘cringeworthy’ and also thinks it was the ‘nail in the coffin’ for Castro. See more commentary from the hosts on The View in the clip below:

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