Kamala Harris Asks How Would She Know an Electric Car is Charging if There is No ‘Guzzling Sound’ or ‘Fumes’ While Cackling and Wearing a Mask

A video of Vice President Kamala Harris is going viral as she visited a maintenance facility in Brandywine, Maryland just outside Washington, where she received a demonstration of how chargers work and learned about a plan to electrify the government fleet in Maryland’s Prince George’s County.

Harris can be seen in the video wearing a mask and holding a charger that she plugged into one of the county’s vehicles.

“I see that it’s plugged in, so it’s plugged into this normal electric socket, right?” Harris asked while pointing at how the charging station had a cord leading to a socket.

Mahidhar Reddy, CEO and founder of SemaConnect, a Maryland company that made the charging station, can be heard telling her that it’s normally the 240v but she could go ahead an plug it into the car.

Harris plugged it in and exclaimed, “there we are” while fumbling around with plugging it in and Reddy told her, “That’s it.”

“And there’s no sound or fumes,” Harris noted, while Reddy responded, “There’s nothing.”

Harris then explained, “For all of us who are used to filling our tanks, you usually can smell it and hear it, you can hear that guzzling sound, none of that.”

“So how do I know it’s actually working?” Harris wondered.

Reddy went over to the charging station and said, “The car is fully charged when the display is a steady green.”

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