Kari Lake Sets Bret Baier Straight, ‘I am Really Disappointed in Fox, I Thought You Were Better Than CNN’

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake set Fox News anchor Bret Baier straight during an interview tonight.

ACT For America’s Brigitte Gabriel shared a clip from the interview and said, “Kari Lake just incinerated Bret Baier and exposed Fox News in a heated nearly 10 minute interview.”

“I am really disappointed in Fox, I thought you were better than CNN,” Lake told Baier during the interview.

The statement from Lake came after Baier asked about a drag queen that made claims about her in a recent interview, after which a lawyer for her sent a cease-and-desist letter to him.

Following the interview, Lake explained in a tweet, “I’m a product of The New Right. We fight back.”

@CNN last week, @FoxNews this week. @MSNBC … I’m ready to rumble when you are!” Lake declared in another tweet.

As we previously reported:

Arizona GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake shared a video today in a tweet where she delivered a brutal takedown of CNN reporter Kyung Lah.

“WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake outside of an event (Laughing face emoji)”

Lake shook Lah’s hand as she pointed out that she didn’t have a mask on and asked, “What’s going on?”

Lah told Lake that they were outside and a picture from October 2021 that showed Lah with a mask on while interacting with Lake was shown in the video.

“Do you have a minute to chat?” Lah asked.

“I’ll do an interview with you… as long as it airs on CNN+, does that still exist?” Lake retorted.

After Lah told her no, Lake added, “I didn’t think so because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling, which is propaganda. Thank you.”

Lake then made her way into the event as a dumbfounded Lah said “so…” before realizing that Lake wasn’t going to do an interview with her.

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