Kari Lake Vows to Finish AZ Wall ‘In Defiance’ of Biden If Elected, Wendy Rogers Offers Support

Arizona GOP Governor Candidate Kari Lake recently vowed to finish the border wall “In Defiance” of President Joe Biden if elected and GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers offered her support.

Lake declared in a tweet last night, “The Feds have ABANDONED us. When I’m Governor, we’ll finish the wall ourselves in defiance of them.”

“Is Joe Biden going to send officials in to arrest a sitting Governor?” Lake wondered and added, “Try me.”

Lake also shared a clip of her discussing the situation with Tim Pool in the tweet and she had told him the same thing as well as given a testimonial about when she was recently at the border, witnessing people crossing illegally within five minutes of arrival.

In a tweet where she offered her support, Rogers said, “I support @KariLake’s plan to build the Arizona Wall with state funds on Federal Land.”

Lake has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and holds a double-digit lead in the primary race over her closest challenger, former U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, according to the latest poll.

In a recent press release, Salmon attacked Lake and accused her of attempting to remind voters of her “concerning pro-abortion history.”

Although Salmon is trying to appear more conservative and Pro-Trump, he is going to have a tough time with Lake also recently meeting with U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who is also endorsed by Trump and has endorsed Lake.

“I loved visiting with my favorite Congressman today in Washington DC. We are so blessed to have Congressman Paul Gosar representing Arizona. I am so blessed to have his endorsement,” Lake said in a recent quote tweet of Gosar.

Gosar said in his tweet, “I had a special visitor in DC today. Thank you @KariLake and keep an eye out for a Gosar Minute.”

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