Karine Jean-Pierre Predicts That the Economy Will Be More ‘Stable’ and ‘Steady’ After Peter Doocy Asks if Any Part of Inflation This Year is Because of Biden’s Spending Plans

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre today about inflation in relation to Biden’s spending plans and she responded by predicting that the economy will be more “stable” and “steady” going forward.

In a clip shared by Breaking 911, Doocy began by pointing out that “You just mentioned Putin a few times as a reason for recent inflation.”

“Do you guys think that any part of inflation this year is because of President Biden’s spending plans, or is it all Putin’s fault?” Doocy wondered.

Jean-Pierre responded, “Well what I can say is… we are at a historic place when it comes to the economy when it comes to unemployment being at the lowest that we have seen in some time when it comes to the president creating more jobs in his first term, his first year than any other president, more than 8.5 million jobs.”

“Now, we are going to a place where it’s going into transition, where you are going to see an economy that’s more stable, more steady,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Jean-Pierre then claimed, “That’s because of the American rescue plan that the president signed into law, that no Republican voted for.”

“All of that work that he’s done the first year has led us to a place where there are more jobs out there, more jobs are being created, that we are in a place where we are seeing economic growth,” Jean-Pierre suggested.

Jean-Pierre then concluded by mentioning Putin and noting that since the war began, “we have seen an uptick in gas prices.”

According to a Gallup Poll released today, Americans’ confidence in the economy has plummeted to a new low, hitting likely the lowest confidence since the end of the Great Recession in early 2009.

Only 14 percent of respondents rated economic conditions as either “excellent” or “good,” while 46 percent rated them as “poor” and 39 percent rated them as “only fair.”