Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer to Sue Biden Campaign for Libel After Using His Picture to Imply He’s a White Supremacist

Last night President Trump debated Joe Biden on the presidential campaign trail for the first time. There was much talk of white supremacy, but both Joe Biden and Fox News moderator Chris Wallace appeared to shrug off the damage caused by Antifa and other left-wing groups, although they were mentioned.

It seems the left wants to downplay the 1 to 2 Billion dollars in estimated damages caused by left-wing rioters or somehow blame them on ‘White Supremacist’ groups, even though one of the groups they like to call out has many nonwhite members.

No matter though, as many say that President Trump trounced Biden on the debate stage. Biden’s campaign put out a tweet again going after ‘White Supremacists’, using Kyle Rittenhouse’s photo in part, implying he is one. Rittenhouse has been accused of murder, but many, even some left-wing news organizations say that although he may not have made the best choice going to Kenosha, WI, he was in fact defending himself in the view of many.

Even if he did do something wrong, which many believe he did not though, he has not been shown to be a White Supremacist and has not yet been convicted of anything. Rittenhouse’s attorney, the same one who helped Nick Sandmann sue the pants off of CNN, says he is suing the Biden campaign for libel.

“I enjoy conversations on Twitter. I get to be a writer. But for 43 years, I have loved the law & being a trial lawyer. In the latter role, I am getting ready to teach @JoeBiden a lesson he will never forget. He falsely accused a 17-year old boy & prejudiced Kyle’s legal rights.” Says Wood in a tweet with a screenshot of the Biden campaign ad using his client’s photo:

Wood says he will “rip Joe into shreds” when cross examining the accused campaign asserting that he doesn’t like people trying to harm children, or his clients.

Time will tell if the Biden campaign responds or where this will go but it appears Wood is not an attorney you want on your bad side if history is any tell. The left has been flipping out because President Trump said most violence is coming from the left when it comes to political unrest, despite the continued push for him to condemn right-wing groups. Is he wrong though?

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