Lauren Boebert Rips ‘Private Jet’ John Kerry Over Climate Comments, Predicts ‘Net-Zero GDP Very Soon If He Gets His Way’

A clip of John Kerry, the United States special presidential envoy for climate, discussing future climate goals went viral today.

The comments were made last week at the global Cop26 summit and Kerry urged some of the countries that previously made commitments to quicken action.

In a clip shared by Disclose.TV, Kerry told the Net Zero Delivery Summit in London, “This year we have to implement those promises and what it means is that we have to decarbonise the power sector five times faster that we are right now.”

“We have to deploy renewables five time faster than we are right now, we have to transition to electric vehicles about 20 times faster than we are now, and we have to fully transition to a resilient net-zero economy faster,” Kerry insisted.

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) ripped Kerry for the comments, reporting that, “Private Jet John Kerry wants us to transition to a net-zero economy.”

“He’ll get us to net zero GDP very soon if he gets his way,” Boebert lamented.

UK publication The National explained that slashing methane emissions, stopping deforestation and keeping the key Paris Agreement pledge, to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, were among the key commitments made at Cop26 in Glasgow, Scotland last November.

Kerry also reportedly said that more must also be done to bring nations that have not made commitments to the table in the global fight.

According to the publication, Kerry also criticized those sceptical of climate change in his speech and declared that “you can’t be half pregnant on the issue of climate.”

“If you accept the science that this blanket is warming the Earth and we’re making it worse every single day, that’s been science that we’ve been hearing about for 30 years,” Kerry claimed.

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