Lauren Witzke Says ‘The D in DNC Stands For Degeneracy’ After Celebs Get Naked to ‘Inspire Votes’

In a video that has even been admonished by left-wing outlet The Daily Beast, several Hollywood celebrities got naked in an effort to ensure mail-in ballots get counted properly.

Delaware America First GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke was not impressed either and she tweeted, “Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer getting naked trying to inspire votes for the Democrats might be the best advertisement for the Republican Party in history.”

“The D in DNC stands for Degeneracy,” she added.

Writer Laura Bradley with The Daily Beast said about the video, “Our democracy has officially reached a new, perhaps historic level of embarrassment.”

“It’s hard to decide which reality seems more depressing: That A-listers think voters are actually too stupid to figure out voting, or that we might actually be that stupid,” she lamented.

Witzke’s tweet attracted a lot of attention from the left, who responded with a barrage of whataboutisms focused on President Trump and The First Lady, Melania.

Verified Twitter user Writer Roxane Gay said, “Wait until you Google your First Lady!”

Sean McCoy, a visual Storyteller and filmmaker fighting for progressive causes, asked “Why is nudity a degenerate thing?”

He also alluded to criticism of Trump, saying that “neglecting the severity of a pandemic which has cost over 210K people their lives is a bit more degenerate than showing a naked body part.”

For those who want to check out the video, here it is: