Left-Leaning Site Compares Bill Maher to Fox News’ ‘The Five’ After He Jokes That Joe Biden Should Marry Barack Obama As a Ploy to Return the Former President to the White House

A pro-LGBTQ website is furious about the recent shift HBO’s Bill Maher has taken with his show “Real Time.”

Maher has been mocking both parties lately, despite the fact that he is a Democrat who does not like Donald Trump.

During a recent segment, Maher joked that Joe Biden should marry Barack Obama and have a “gay marriage” as a ploy to get the former president back in the White House.

Maher shared a clip of the segment in a tweet and suggested, “Biden and Obama must divorce their wives, not leave them, just ‘legally’ divorce them, and then Biden will gay marry Obama, thereby putting him back in the White House.”

“Yes, the law says Obama can’t be president, but there’s nothing that says he can’t be First Lady,” Maher noted.

While the suggestion was meant as a joke and is completely ludicrous, it also would be a dream come true for most Democrats to see Barack Obama back in the White House.

Robert Nesti with the EDGE Media Network, however, found the suggestion offensive and sounded off in an article where he compared Maher’s show to Fox News’ “The Five.”

Nesti asked, “And you have to wonder if Maher had suggested someone change their religion or (if possible) skin color to hedge the rules to become President, would it be such a witty satiric meme or just another example of how Maher’s often echoes ‘The Five’-like bonehead points of view?”

“Over the course of this episode he echoed such smug “The Five” commentators as Jesse Watters in slamming liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for her lack of fact-checking in her recent Supreme Court arguments regarding Biden’s Covid protocols,” Nesti continued.

After referencing an exchange Maher had with commentator Bari Weiss, Nesti claimed, “That both cis, white and privileged commentators such as Maher and Weiss should complain about their inconveniences and the contradictions of the public response to an ongoing health phenomenon was, well, just so much privileged belly-aching, which pretty much sums up any episode of ‘The Five.'”