Leftist Outlet Mocks Bill O’Reilly for Defending AOC and Getting Flack from His Base After Conservative Comic Accosted Her

For many years, Bill O’Reilly was considered a conservative icon as he held down the primetime spot on Fox News.

In a recent tweet, however, O’Reilly appeared to defend U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) after conservative comedian Alex Stein trolled her on the Capitol steps.

O’Reilly received pushback from many on the right including Stein himself, who asked him a quote tweet, “Bill remind me why you got fired from @FoxNews? Didn’t you pay for multiple sexually harass lawsuits?”

In his tweet, O’Reilly described Stein as a “loon” and claimed that he “stalked and insulted Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez then posted it.”

“This has to stop. We need new laws to protect public officials and others. And we need them now,” O’Reilly insisted.

The irony of what O’Reilly said is that it was part of the point that Stein was likely trying to make, as well as to mock the “culture” of the left.

Left-wing outlet Salon ultimately ended up mocking O’Reilly in an article about how he got pushback from those on the right for his stance.

In the video, Stein pointed out that Ocasio-Cortez is “beautiful” despite the fact that she “still wants to kill babies.

Ocasio-Cortez previously shared Stein’s video in a tweet and said, “Here is a video he posted of the incident. I was actually walking over to deck him because if no one will protect us then I’ll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today.”

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