Legendary Comedian Tim Allen Takes Lighthearted Jab at Twitter Censorship, Applauds the Upcoming Ownership Shakeup

Following the announcement that Twitter had agreed to a deal with Elon Musk, legendary comedian Tim Allen weighed in on the situation in only a way that he could.

Allen declared in a tweet, “The little twitter bird has a new owner.”

“Wonder how long it will take for the new shadow ban council to prevent me from saying stuff like: Hunter Biden laptop,” Allen wondered.

Allen then suggested, “Or even more provocative: Tesla in-car fart app? (Love it when driving my Mom.)”

In the past, Allen typically hasn’t weighed in on these types of things often, but he did discuss the assault by Will Smith of Chris Rock at the Oscars this year.

As we previously reported, Allen declared at the time in a tweet, “It’s not ok to come up on stage and hit a dude cause you don’t like the humor.”

“It’s not ok at a Comedy Club, concert hall or hosting some cheeseball award show,” Allen explained.

Allen then added, “Chris Rock is a stand up comedian and a standup guy who carried on. I think I would have run.”