Leo Terrell Announces That He Will Be Working With Trump Campaign

Civil Rights Attorney and frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Leo Terrell tweeted out earlier that he was going to be working with the Trump Campaign to help try to get the president re-elected.

“Good News!! Leo 2.0 just received message from Team Trump. Going to be used in Campaign. Cannot not wait to help President Trump,” Terrell tweeted.

He added, “Waiting for my assignment! Will keep you informed of all details. Go out and Vote #Trump.”

The Trump War Room released a video recently that showed Terrell on Hannity’s show following Tuesday’s debate and he said, “It’s Donald Trump vs. the left wing media!”

Terrell said that he was angry at “the fact that Donald Trump has to fight 24/7 to get the message [out].” He added that the Trump “should be a gladiator.”

He called Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “a liar” and wondered what was “systemic injustice” which was a term Biden used during the debate.

Terrell also tweeted out that he met with some Trump Supporters in San Clemente, California ahead of a “Big Trump Rally” there today. A Facebook event page shows that over 1.7k people have said they are going and over 6k have said they are interested.