Leo Terrell Believes Will Smith’s Latest Apology is Just an Attempt to Avoid Losing ‘Endorsements and Movie Contracts’

Trump supporter Leo Terrell was one of the first to condemn actor Will Smith’s assault of comedian Chris Rock at last night’s Oscars.

Terrell issued a series of tweets calling Smith’s actions reprehensible and putting him on notice, as we reported.

Smith apologized in an Instagram post earlier tonight to Rock and described his behavior as “unacceptable and inexcusable.”

Following the apology, however, Terrell wasn’t buying it and spoke out again in a series of tweets where he said he wasn’t buying it.

“Will Smith’s apology to Chris Rock is Insincere and disingenuous,” Terrell declared in an initial tweet.

Terrell then insisted, “The only reason Will Smith is apologizing NOW because he going to lose endorsements and movie contracts.”

“Will Smith’s apology was probably written by his Manager and Agent. Totally fake apology!” Terrell added in a follow-up tweet.

In an earlier tweet today, Terrell said that he believed, “There is no doubt in my mind if any of my followers on Twitter committed the same criminal act as #WillSmith, I would have received 750,000 phone call for legal representation!”

Terrell also urged is followers to retweet a tweet where he called for Smith to be banned from the Oscars and called his conduct “criminal.”

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