Leo Terrell Not Voting for Biden ‘This is why, I stopped drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid’

Civil Rights Attorney and frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Leo Terrell announced that he was not voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming election. He added that if Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, then he would vote for President Trump.

Prior to that, he said that he “stopped drinking the Democratic kool-aid” and he “couldn’t take the hypocrisy anymore.”

@TheLeoTerrell “This is why, I stopped drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid” Leo 2.0!
Later not in the video, when asked, Leo said he would NOT vote for Joe Biden. Then Hannity asked, if he would vote for Donald Trump and he just has this smirk.
Vote Red Leo!!

Wow @TheLeoTerrell on @seanhannity tonight powerful words coming from a life long Democrat. If he is disgusted with the Democratic parties actions all I can say is #ChangeIsComing.

Tuesday night, Terrell had appeared in a segment with professor Cornel West where West became enraged at Terrell in an attempt to bully him to his point of view.

From Real Clear Politics:

Terrell accused West of spewing “talking points” while West lamented: “You disrespect me the day that Brother Floyd is put in his grave?! Who do you think you are?”

Terrell said West is a “dinosaur” and asked why President Obama didn’t solve this problem.

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