Liberals Offer Doomsday Predictions on Twitter Using #IfDonaldTrumpIsReelected

The New York Magazine published an article earlier with the headline, “Why Do Trump Supporters Act Like His Election Is Certain?”

They summed it up at the end by saying, “To a significant number of the faithful, Trump is not just a president, but an embodiment of America, and even God’s Annointed. He can’t fail. He can only be failed.”

#IfDonaldTrumpIsReelected is trending on Twitter and the top posts appear to be doomsday predictions if the president is re-elected.

#IfDonaldTrumpIsReelected, expect to see more scenes of chaos, brutality, and racism.

Expect the nightmare to continue if he wins.

VOTE. HIM. OUT!!!!!#EndTheNightmare


The US will be his 7th bankruptcy


We’ll all be in cages by 2022



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