Lindsey Graham Announces $500,000 Donation to Trump’s Legal Fund

The pollsters got the race brutally wrong with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who was considered to be in trouble against challenger Jaime Harrison but won by 10 points, arguably in large part due to the red wave that President Trump helped to produce in his stae.

Graham appeared tonight on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and made it clear that he was going to defend the president, announcing that he was donating $500,000 to Trump’s legal fund.

Eric Trump retweeted the announcement and said, “Lindsey Graham is a good man! Thank you for having spine! Fight this fraud!”

Graham said that Hannity’s audience was “incredibly helpful” giving to so he encouraged them to give to

“The allegations of wrong-doing earth-shattering and they make the Carter-Paige warrant application look on the up and up,” Graham said.

Charles Pierce at Esquire Magazine was upset by Graham’s re-election as well as others and wrote an article titled, “Awful People Can Still Win Elections in Far Too Much of This Country.”

He voiced his displeasure by claiming that “Jaime Harrison couldn’t quite get there against Lindsey Graham, who has six more years to degrade himself further in the eyes of the nation.”