Lindsey Graham Catches Heat From Democrat Challenger and Others For Supporting Trump

Ever since the hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it seems like U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R) has seen the light so to speak. He got a taste of what it’s like to be on the ‘Trump Train’, and with a few minor exceptions, he hasn’t looked back.

It is especially important for President Trump as he needs all the allies he can get during this ridiculous push for presidential impeachment for loose allegations by likely CIA operative ‘whistleblowers’. Over the last few days many Democrats who used to consider Graham a Republican they could ‘deal with’ are fuming that he is no longer catering to them in ways they would like.

Kasie Hunt or Kasie DC from MSNBC posted an MSNBC clip yesterday that highlights this outrage very plainly. They hosted a South Carolina Democrat who plans on challenging Graham for his seat. Jaime Harrison started off his guest appearance on MSNBC by saying, “what happened to Lindsey Graham?” Then the MSNBC host highlighted an old tweet by Lindsey where he said: “if we nominate Donald Trump, we will get destroyed, and we will deserve it”. He described Graham as having a transformation ‘from Trump critic in 2016 to Trump’s chief defender’.

Well, it’s anyone’s guess to be sure, but it isn’t hard to draw the conclusion that after the way Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump have been treated, in addition to the fact that Graham is no longer running against Trump for president, Graham has had a change of heart. He isn’t carrying “Trump’s caddy” as South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison on MSNBC claims, rather he is seeing the world in a different light.


Other Democrats are railing against Graham as well. David Frum of ‘The Atlantic’, is dropping hateful messages all over his twitter feed about the South Carolina U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate.

“Lindsey Graham goes all in for the “Hillary murdered Seth Rich” theory of the 2016 election”

Even as recently as today, Lindsey Graham diverged with President Trump where he mostly does, on foreign policy. A video was retweeted by The Washington Examiner where Graham mildly disagrees with President Trump but does so respectfully.

To the contrary, Senator Graham is simply respecting President Trump and standing against what he believes to be false accusations and attempts to discredit a legitimate presidency. It is a very respectful and honorable thing to be able to stick to your beliefs and stand up against tyranny and injustice at the same time, and that is what it appears Graham is trying to do. This says a lot more about the left and their hatred for one single man more than it does about Graham or any potential scandals that are going on in Washington D.C. right now.


This all highlights the very opposite of what the Democrats are trying to say about Graham, that he is carrying Trump’s water. But the left isn’t using this to support Graham but rather try to pit him against the President. They never really liked him to begin with, they just saw him as someone they could for their purposes most likely.

Author David Rothkopf responded to a CNN retweet by saying:

“Even when Lindsey is trying to sound strong, he is weak and serves the Trump-Putin agenda.”


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