Malkin Blasts Alabama Sen Candidate Tuberville for Supporting 400K Indian Workers Coming ‘The Right Way’

In an interview with Front Porch Politics host David Marks from December 8, 2019, Republican Senate Candidate Tommy Tuberville is seen endorsing 400,000 “educated, well trained” immigrants “coming the right way” from India.

He emphasizes that “we need workers. Just come, go by our laws, pay your own way.”

Of illegal immigrants, he says that they should have an “opportunity to pay taxes, go by our laws, get out of the shadows, go to work.”

America First supporter Michelle Malkin blasted the sentiments.

Tuberville champions 400,000 Indian workers coming to US because “we need workers” and wants illegals to be able to “come out of the shadows.” Supporting #OpenBordersInc agenda of cheap labor mass migration is not #AmericaFirst

Full Tuberville interview with Marks:

Malkin supports an “immigration moratorium” and her pinned tweet makes it clear as well as one that she recently posted further explaining her stance.


I’m glad more conservatives are coming around on #ImmigrationMoratorium -better late than never. But if you truly care about our country, you know we needed a freeze long before WuFlu. Mass migration has destroyed American lives, jobs & sovereignty for 30 years. Wake up!

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