Man Charged After Shooting Former Reporter Who ‘Mistakenly’ Removed Trump Sign From His Property

A man, 76-year-old Worth McAlister, in Lincolnton, North Carolina has been charged with misdemeanor assault after shooting a woman and former reporter, Peggy Fox, who “mistakenly” removed his Trump campaign sign off of his property.

Fox asserts that she thought it was in her brother’s yard and that it was put there as a joke. Fox said, “I went and picked the sign up. As I went back walking to my brother’s house, I suddenly feel this excruciating pain in my arm.”

Fox used to work at WUSA9, a Washington D.C. station, and she explained to them, “My brother is not political. Like he would never have any political sign in his yard. And then I realized oh it is his house. So, we pulled in. And I told my daughter I said, ‘Oh my gosh it’s a joke, he’s just messing with us.’”

She believes that the man needs to “learn a lesson – that he thinks before acts.” She said that she thinks “we would all be better off if we could talk first.”

“If he had come over and talked to me, I would have apologized for taking his sign. I did not know it was his sign. I never would take anybody’s sign off their property,” she added.

According to Fox, police also took McAlister’s pellet gun and informed him that “it is not legal to shoot people over property.” She was bandaged up at the hospital, but said that the pellet is still lodged in her arm and “hurts like hell.”

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