Man Who Ran Over ND Teen Has Now Been Charged With Murder, Turns Himself in

A man who ran over a North Dakota teen has now been charged with murder and turned himself in to police custody.

Fox News reporter Adam Sabes announced, “Shannon Brandt has been charged with murder in the death of 18 y/o Cayler Ellingson, and new court documents say that the teenager was ‘ran over’ by an SUV.”

“He is now back in jail and will face a judge today for a bond hearing.”

As we previously reported, U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed her outrage after Brandt was released on a $50,000 bond after being charged with vehicular homicide in the death.

According to police records, Brandt posted the bond after fatally striking Cayler Ellingson with his vehicle following a “political argument.”

Greene shared a screenshot of the article from Fox News in a tweet as she lamented, “A left wing political terrorist is walking free after intentionally killing an 18 year old because he was a Republican just weeks after Biden declares war on MAGA.”

“Not one J6 defendant is charged with murder yet they are rotting pretrial in jail not allowed to post bail,” Greene noted at the time.

It appears now that according to North Dakota Highway Patrol Capt. Bryan Niewind, there was “no evidence” suggesting that the teenager was part of a “Republican extremist group” or that the incident involved politics.

It was also revealed in a probable cause affidavit for the new charges that Brandt asked the 911 operator if he was going to prison following the incident.

Brandt also attempted to suggest that he was in danger during the call, which was why he hit Ellingson.

Former President Donald Trump mentioned the situation during his recent rally in North Carolina.

“Donald Trump talks about the killing of 18 year old Republican Cayler Ellingson by ‘radical left maniac,’ 41 year old Democrat Shannon Brandt after a political argument. ‘Not one mainstream media network has even mentioned this horrible crime…'”

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