Manhunt Underway for Violent BLM Supporter who Allegedly Kicked White Man’s Head and Severely Injured Him

Portland police have announced a manhunt is underway for Marquise Love, aka “Keese Love,” who they identified as a suspect in Sunday night’s attack on a truck driver who was seen on video being pulled from the vehicle and violently beaten.

Andy Ngo had tweeted out that Love has “ties to Portland BLM” and that “any legacy media coverage” will intentionally “omit his ties.”

Ngo shared a picture of Love with a Black Lives Matter shirt on and holding a BLM flag. He added that Love “has a criminal history that includes charges for domestic violence assault.”

Chief of Portland police Chuck Lovell had tweeted out yesterday “PPB Assault Detectives are actively investing this alarming assault. If anyone has information about this event please contact us. Public safety is up to all of us.”

Many responded that they believed the attacker had already been identified as Love, including parody account, Bubba Smollett.

Ngo had called the chief out this morning by saying, “The man who delivered the kick had been identified almost immediately by the public but Portland Police has not even named him as a suspect.”

The victim has been identified by Ngo as Adam Haner. According to Ngo, “he’s in a relationship with the blonde woman near the car who was also beaten” and “a GoFundMe has been set up for Adam by his brother.”

Ngo also said that the Portland Police has posted a small update on his status saying that he is “recovering” in the hospital.

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