Marjorie Greene Asks if Trump Supporter Killed in Portland Will Get His Name on NFL Helmets Too…

Earlier we reported on a tragic death that occurred last night in Portland, Oregon. A man reported to be a ‘Patriot Prayer’ member and Trump supporter was killed at near point-blank range by an alleged Antifa militant.

Twitter users have found evidence of who many believe the assailant to be but we won’t be reporting any names as of yet, and an investigation is underway. Nevertheless, the left has been cheering the death of the man, particularly left-wing protesters in Portland. One woman chanted “Our community held its own and took out the trash.” See video below:

Georgia Congressional nominee Marjorie Greene Taylor took to Twitter to speak her mind on the perceived hypocrisy going on now. She referenced the recent reports that Drew Brees and Co. wore helmets with Jacob Blake’s name on them. Many believe Jacob Blake was a police brutality victim and others believe he was possibly going for a weapon and the police were defending themselves when shooting him.

That is a separate story and you can decide for yourself, but Greene is wondering if the victim from last night, who was clearly executed for political reasons will get any sympathy at all. Some outlets are calling him a ‘far-right’ group member to try and downplay his death according to many opinions on social media we came across. Greene tweeted:

“Trump supporter politically targeted and murdered in Portland. We have gone past Maga hat beatings. What’s next? Is anyone going to say his name? Will his name be on NFL helmets? Trump Supporters Lives Matter too. All Lives Matter. Enough!!!” See tweet below:

In the video she tweeted it appears as though there is evidence the person shot and killed was targeted for his political views. This is sad and distressing if true and all people should disavow it.

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