Marjorie Greene Endorses Kelly Loeffler Creating Unstoppable Pro-Trump America First Georgia Duo

Marjorie Taylor Green, a GOP Congressional nominee in a red district in Georgia is making her thoughts clear on the disputed Georgia Senate seat race. Greene, who campaigns on stopping socialism and saving America is not mincing words. She is supporting GOP Trump impeachment defense rock star Kelly Loeffler with no holds barred, creating a dynamic partnership of two women who stand for Trump and owe nothing to the GOP swamp.

This will put the likes of the GOP swamp rats and radical left Democrats on notice, as they will not be able to control the narrative of these two powerful women as they do in many other political cliques and circles. The thing that matters most to conservative Georgians is that they keep their state red while Joe Biden and Democrats try to make a play for the traditionally Republican stronghold.

What President Trump has shown many who have sought influence in the new Republican party is that you are better off and more effective when nobody tells you what to do buy your base.

This rings especially true for women with big tech and other titans after them for their free-thinking and ability to support President Trump’s America First agenda on their terms, not based on what libertarian think tanks tell them what they can or can’t say and do. Check out the Facebook post below with the endorsement alert:

The left-leaning New York Times (or “New York Slimes” as commentator Michelle Malkin likes to call them) has painted Senator Loeffler as a rich ‘moderate’ who turned into a Trump loyalist. They went on to slam her for chumming up with Greene in an October 5th piece, making allegations that Greene had supported conspiracy theories and other ungodly things that many would likely push back on as out of context or just plain wrong.

Loeffler slammed ‘Black Lives Matter’ as a political organization and a “dangerous Marxist movement”, something many of the GOP have been afraid to do amid riots that have wreaked havoc around the nation. Some have gone as far as to name ‘Antifa’ but fell short of actually labeling the organization ‘Black Lives Matter’ as partly responsible for much of the unrest.

This may be because they’re afraid that simply saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a bad group may confuse some less involved voters into thinking that they don’t actually think that Black lives matter, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The naming of the organization itself very well may have been designed for such confusion in our view.

In today’s modern society, you can get called racist simply for not supporting radical left-wing groups, and only a few special members of the GOP are actually willing to stick their necks out and call it for what they believe it to be. Loeffler and Green appear to be in the camp and it infuriates the left and the DC GOP swamp cliques.

The New York Times also said of Loeffler: “her harsh criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement has run afoul of a longstanding convention in her adopted hometown, sometimes referred to as the Atlanta Way, in which the white corporate class has cultivated a level of solidarity with the city’s African-American leaders and civil rights movement.”

This may sound like a swipe but to many weary GOP realists, the quote sounds like a breath of fresh air. It also could bring hope to new Republicans who used to be non-political but have had their livelihoods threatened or doxxed, businesses destroyed or slandered, or been labeled untrue things by today’s new woke crowd, the ‘Antiracists’, Antifa, and ‘Black Lives Matter’ sympathizers.

WRAL reported:  “Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia enthusiastically accepted an endorsement Thursday from Marjorie Taylor Greene… “They went on to say that this means Loeffler is embracing far-right politics. This again, may sound bad to some, but if you don’t define far right, does it just mean someone who stands for American citizens over global corporations? Many think so.

“Greene said she’s backing Loeffler because she’s proven to be “the most conservative Republican in the race.”, They added. Loeffler is seeking to hold her seat against Doug Collins, currently, a GOP House Rep. GOP Governor Brian Kemp appointed Loeffler previously.

The American people in our view aren’t generally racist, and just want to get back to work and raising families and miss the America they have come to know and love amid the ongoing Trump hate and liberal rage. Loeffler has a strong background of Trump vote support to run on as well, with a 100% voting rate so far, and would be a strong ally in the Senate for him.

It looks like the unstoppable duo just got more unstoppable with this newest endorsement and with a potential Trump win in November, the rhetoric from Washington could get very interesting, and bad for those in the ruling class who don’t like putting Americans first.

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