Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces the Tragic Loss of Her Beloved Father with Heartfelt Message, Possible Temporary Hiatus

In a multiple part tweet tonight, U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced that her father had passed away and that she would potentially be taking a temporary hiatus.

“My father passed away last night after a hard fought battle over the past 3 months with Melanoma. Most people don’t know how tremendously difficult my first three months of Congress have been,” Greene began, sharing a picture that appeared to be her holding his hand.

Then, referencing her battles against the left so far in Congress, Greene continued, “While I have endured the flaming arrows fired daily at me while I have been fighting against the left’s war on our freedoms in Congress, my soul was torn apart watching my Daddy suffer and slowly die with cancer.”

Greene then explained how her father had inspired her and tied that in with her support of former President Donald Trump.

“We don’t win every battle we fight, but my amazing father won the war, and he taught me how to withstand the greatest enemy. My Dad was the forgotten American man that President Trump worked so hard for. My Dad grew up with very little, but with a faith in God and dreamed the Great American Dream. He worked every job from riding a bike delivering newspapers, to factory work, to construction work, and all in between, while trying to go to school,” Greene said.

Describing her father’s military service, Greene said, “He was drafted at age 20 to go to war in Vietnam and served our country in the Navy. He lost friends there just like many did. He met a girl after his service, when he went back to college, married my Mom, and had a little girl named Marjorie. He couldn’t finish school, but proudly went to work to support his family. With only a truck and a ladder, he tirelessly worked and eventually built a thriving construction company that put a roof over our heads, fed us, clothed us, and Dad provided our families every need.”

Greene went on to talk about her father’s career and how he influenced her faith in God, before thanking her supporters and hinting at the potential lay-off as she said, “Soon I will be back. And this time, I’ll be all in because my heart is no longer broken now that my Daddy has been set free.”

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