Matt Gaetz Introduces ‘No China Act’ Blocking Funds From Congress to China-Owned Businesses

Florida US House Rep Matt Gaetz has introduced a new bill called the ‘No China Act’ today attempting to hold China accountable for their role in the spread of the Coronavirus. The main purpose of the bill was, “to restrict the use of funds made available in appropriations Acts for fiscal year 2020 for the benefit of any United States or foreign person subject to the control of the People’s Republic of China.”

Gaetz’s press release said, “China’s inaction, distortion of data, and outright lies have exacerbated the global coronavirus epidemic, and helped fuel its rapid global spread.” He is quoted as saying, “Allowing American taxpayers’ money to go to companies owned by the Communist Chinese government is antithetical to our ‘America First’ agenda.”

On Twitter, Gaetz shared a couple of posts in regards to the bill. The first described how he is “proud to introduce the ‘No CHINA Act’ today, which prevents appropriated money, including coronavirus relief funds, from being disbursed to businesses owned by the Chinese government.”

On the second post, he said, “Chinese corporations operating in America must not be eligible for the upcoming trillion-dollar bailout, now or ever. Every American worker displaced by #COVID19 should be fully compensated before one nickel goes to Chinese-owned corporations in the US.”

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