Matt Gaetz on Trump’s Re-Election Battle: ‘Republicans Will Never Win Another Election Ever Again, That Is What Is At Stake’

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show tonight and he had a strong message regarding the presidential election, which continues to hang in the balance.

“President Trump is not just fighting for his own political fortune here, he is fighting for the rest of us,” he said in one part of the interview.

“Because if we allow dead people to vote, if we allow people who’ve moved out of their state to vote in that state, if we allow illegal ballots to be counted, and if we allow ballots to be counted without the transparency and observation that the law requires,” he continued before explaining what would happen.

“Republicans will never win another election ever again, that is what is at stake,” Gaetz stated profoundly.

Criticizing others who aren’t speaking out, Gaetz continued, “There are some Republicans ready to throw in the towel now and fight for a future election, there is no future for the Republican Party if we do not stand and fight in this critical moment.”

At the end of the interview, Gaetz said, “”A full audit is absolutely necessary. We should get injunctions if necessary. And if I have to do it, I’ll fight on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop the Electoral College from being certified.”

“We only need one Senator to join to ensure that that challenge will then be subject to a full vote of the Congress and the Senate,” Gaetz added.

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