Matt Gaetz Throws His Own Governor Under the Bus at Major Conference, ‘We Ride or Die with President Donald John Trump’

While Florida Governor DeSantis spoke to ‘12 people’ today, Donald Trump was scheduled at a major conference.

Trump received some support before he spoke as well.

U.S. House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) cemented who he’s supporting for president, and it’s not his governor. Watch:

Polls are showing DeSantis floundering. His only chance at the presidency now may be if the corrupt Democrats actually make good at locking up President Trump.

Even then, others like Vivek Ramaswamy are catching up to Ron, who has been seen as playing both sides on foreign policy and dodging whether or not he’d pardon Julian Assange, which some have been wondering about.

It’ll be interesting to see how Trump’s speech goes tonight and what Democrat witch hunt idea the left thinks of next.

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