Mayor Ted Wheeler Silent as Portland Antifa Burns American Flags for the Fourth of July

Portland, Oregon’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, has been an epic failure, as the once amazing and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon has descended into chaos and mob rule, forcing Wheeler out of his own condo for not being extreme enough for his radical left-wing counterparts.

Read more here about some of the stories we have covered regarding Mayor Wheeler’s failures. The rioting groups, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have basically held certain parts of certain cities hostage, including Portland, since the summer of 2020. We don’t mean actually holding hostages that we know of. But these groups riot and loot and don’t give a hoot, and neither do the Democrat voters in the cities, putting everyone else’s life quality in the toilet, and their safety at risk in riot-prone parts of the cities.

Often these groups are known for ripping down historical monuments as well, with city councils and mayors usually doing little or nothing to stop it, sometimes encouraging and participating in the melee. Andy Ngo has risked life and limb to document rioting groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the Portland region.

Last night, while much of the nation, and even some of the city of Portland we assume, celebrated Independence Day, rioters in Portland celebrated by burning the American flag, with no pushback from the Mayor that we are aware of. Ngo captioned the below video:

“Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” Antifa are celebrating the Fourth of July in Portland by burning US flags.”

“This is the flyer for the antifa US flag burning event. Note the text on the image of the bottle.”

Wheeler did issue a generic “Happy Fourth of July” but not much about rioters and madmen burning flags in his city. He tweeted:

“Happy Fourth of July. Today’s a great day to take advantage of free transit on @trimet and @PDXStreetcar and discounted @BIKETOWNpdx ($6 off rides that start and end in downtown) and rediscover Portland. Our city’s business districts are ready to welcome us back. #HereforPortland

Time will tell if this type of behavior ever stops, or if it’s the new normal in Portland and other liberal cities and states, and even some red regions with weak Mayors and Governors. All that peace-loving patriotic Americans who want peace can really do at this point is to pray for it.

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