McCarthy to Judge Jeanine: ‘This is a China Communist Coverup, You Cannot Find Doctor Who Gave Warning’

In an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News, House Minority Leader spoke harshly about China and its role in the spread of the Coronavirus. Pirro asked him, “what are you going to do about this when this pandemic is over?” He replied, “this is a China Communist coverup, because if you watch, the doctor who gave this warning, you cannot find him anymore.” Pirro interjected, “because he’s dead.”

He later tweeted about the interview, calling for the wet markets there to be closed as well. He reiterated that China was engaged in a coverup.

China is opening up their wet markets again. Have enough people not already died? Has there not already been enough financial destruction around the world?

The Chinese Communist Party’s coverup has cost far too many lives.

From Breitbart: “This is a China communist cover-up,” McCarthy said. “Because if you watch the doctor who gave the warning, you cannot find him anymore. The University of Southampton did a study, had China been honest with the world, 95% fewer people would have been sick. That means it would have been controlled and contained inside China if they would have just allowed when President Trump requested our scientists, our researchers, our doctors, we would have contained that there.”

“Now, what we’re finding and you’re watching China still open up these wet markets, have enough people died for them to understand?” he continued. “Has there been enough financial destruction not just in China and in America, but around the world every single day, and they continue to deny it. Their own numbers are a lie. You know, there is a recent study out there that I saw on this report, Wuhan where this originated from, they estimate 43,000 people in China died there. We will not know because they killed the doctors. They don’t give the real reporting.”

“And because of their cover-up, we’re having more than a million people have this virus and the thousands of people who have died,” McCarthy added.

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