McCloskeys Defiant After Guilty Pleas in St. Louis Gun-Waving Incident at BLM Mob Who Invaded Their Neighborhood

A St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty today to misdemeanor charges in gun-waving incident at a Black Lives Matter mob who invaded their neighborhood.

On the courthouse steps, Mark McCloskey, who is now running for U.S. Senate, was defiant and pledged to “do it again” if faced with the same circumstances.

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson had previously vowed to pardon the couple if they were convicted so it will be interesting to see if he follows through on that, given that they had pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000, while Mark McCloskey, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750.

The couple also agreed to give up the weapons they used during the confrontation, but before they do, they recorded a campaign video where they brandished the firearms, which Mark McCloskey tweeted along with a statement.

“A year ago, the mob came to my door to attack my family— I backed them down. The mob came for me, the media attacked me & prosecutors tried to punish me for defending my family. They dropped all charges, except for a claim I instilled ‘imminent fear’ in the mob I’d do it again,” Mark McCloskey said in the tweet.

In subsequent tweets, McCloskey explained the situation regarding the turning over of the guns, in which he said, “Let me be clear, I am not surrendering any of my other firearms! I will continue to be one of the strongest advocates for #2A in MO and around the country. The two weapons that were seized from me were evidence in a criminal case. Per the state of MO they are to be incinerated.”

“Don’t worry— I have more guns to protect my family where that came from! #2A,” McCloskey added.

In a prior tweet, McCloskey called out the mainstream media for falsely reporting the initial incident.

McCloskey explained, “When the mob attacked my home, the media claimed the gate was open and that it wasn’t torn it down to attack my family. Well, look here. A media that constantly deceives Americans and glorifies the mob cannot be trusted.”