McConnell Says House ‘Coronavirus Relief Bill’ Looks Like a Liberal Wishlist Copy and Paste Proposal

House Majority leader Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor yesterday to blast the House bill passed last night by Speaker Pelosi. He called it a liberal wishlist essentially that they were trying to pass off as “Coronavirus” relief.

From the video: The House gave themselves no assignments for two months. The House has been at home for two months. They gave themselves no assignments except developing this proposal. Yet it still reads like the Speaker of the House pasted together random ideas from her most liberal members and slapped the word “coronavirus” on top of it. An unserious product from an unserious House majority that has spent months dealing itself out of this crisis.

He listed all the ways that she believed it would benefit the Democrat voting base rather than the American people as a whole.

This week Speaker Pelosi published an 1,800-page catalog of left-wing oddities & called it a coronavirus relief bill. It proposes tax hikes on small business, giveaways to blue-state millionaires, checks for illegal immigrants, and diversity detectives for the cannabis industry.

McConnell appeared on Fox News to reiterate his opinion of the legislation and talk about the things that Republicans are trying to do in order to benefit the American people as a whole.

Forget about this $3 trillion left-wing wish list that even House Democrats are criticizing. Republicans are focused on practical solutions like legal liability protections for medical workers and the schools, universities, and businesses that will be trying to re-open.

Pelosi slammed Republican congressional leadership suggesting that Coronavirus legislation be put on pause while discussing the bill on the House floor. She said that the bill “is not a Christmas tree.”