Merrick Garland Caves, Will Make Live Statement on FBI Trump Raid in Wake of Public Outcry

Around 90 days before the mid-term elections, many are wondering if there is foul play. This comes on the heels of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s private Florida residence known as Mar-A-Lago.

Most news outlets have said that Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray would have had to have known ahead of this raid, just how much blowback there would be. More details will soon be unfolding.

This article is developing, and will be updated with time.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement will be live any minute on the ABC News YouTube live stream below:

This article was written before Garland took the stage live in anticipation of this statement, and will be tweaked and updated accordingly. Garland was actually expected to be on the stage about 30 minutes ago, or 2:30 ET on 8/11/2022.

It’s unclear what has caused the apparent delay, or if the DOJ is scrambling to determine what to say and do exactly. Continue to stay tuned for ongoing updates.