Michigan Judge Orders Release of Audit Report on Dominion Voting Machines after Previous Protective Order to Block Info Overruled

Previously a protective order was keeping results from a forensic audit from being released. But according to Detroit Free Press:

A Michigan judge has ordered the release of a report on Antrim County voting equipment after state and county officials withdrew objections, saying the plaintiff’s attorney had already publicly released his version of the findings in any case.

Assistant Attorney General Erik Grill said the report, which is expected to be released Monday morning, is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading.”

The same publication also implies that reported errors in the election results were not attributed to machines, but rather to human error. The Election Wizard speculates about conflicting information below which we haven’t verified. From the Free Press in part (link above):

Elsenheimer, a former Republican lawmaker, did not base his order on unofficial results which showed Democrat Joe Biden getting more votes than Republican President Donald Trump in the solidly GOP county — a mistake both county and state officials have attributed to an error the Republican clerk made when updating ballot information. Instead, the judge cited a closely decided village proposal to allow a marijuana dispensary.

The Election Wizard reports:

“BREAKING: Michigan judge orders RELEASE of audit report on Dominion voting machines”

Emerald Robinson from NewsMax confirms:

“A judge allowed a forensic audit of 22 Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan last week & now the audit results will be released.”

We have been careful on our reporting about various different Dominion voting systems stories in different localities around the nation as there has been conflicting information and some of it has been fact checked. It appears as though the story here though comes directly from ‘mainstream’ sources, and it appears some Democrats are nervous about what the results may be.

Only time will tell if these results show voting improprieties and if they will be enough to do any real ‘damage’ as electors are scheduled to vote today for Joe Biden’s win to be cemented. Nevertheless, US Congress still will have some power to change things after that, although unlikely.

One question remains, why would there be a protective order on forensic test results of voting machines? Your guess is as good as mine. We will do our best to bring you updates on what the results bring as soon as we are accurately able to do so.

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