Movie Star Randy Quaid Appears to Support Trump’s Statement Pushing for Fair Treatment of ‘January 6th Prisoners’

“Independence Day” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” star Randy Quaid is speaking out again. This time he is once again supporting former President Trump.

Trump recently spoke out in support of fair treatment in regards to “January 6th” prisoners specifically.

While most Americans on both sides don’t support illegal activity of any kind, there is a question over whether or not “capital rioters” have been treated fairly in jail and by investigations overall. Recently, Donald Trump spoke out in defense of possible prisoners being mistreated. At a recent rally, Trump said:

“And we, while we’re at it, will demand justice for the January 6th prisoners and full protection of their civil rights, like was received by antifa and BLM”

Quaid tweeted this:

“Demand justice for the January 6th prisoners and full protection of civil rights”— Trump

As we previously stated, most Americans don’t support illegal activity. But every American has civil rights and due process and should be treated as such. We reported on other parts from Trump’s recent rally as well:

Sometimes when political events are heated, they can be construed as one thing, and when the dust settles, well, hindsight is 20/20 they say.

If Donald Trump was as bad as the left says he is, it’s doubtful he’d still have as much support from the Republican voter base as he still clearly does. Upcoming elections will say more about these speculations with some absolution in our view.