NASCAR Releases Garage Pull ‘Noose’ Pic from Ominous Angle, Leftists Lose Their Minds

Chris Hayes of MSNBC is crying foul yet again after NASCAR finally released an image of the garage pull rope that caused the Bubba Wallace ‘noose’ controversy to erupt. When it was finally admitted that after 15 FBI agents investigated, the rope pull was there long before racecar driver Wallace ever used that stall and that there was no hate crime, Bubba has doubled down.

He went on Don Lemon’s CNN show and also said that he didn’t care what people said because it looked like a ‘straight-up noose’ to him. It seemed like the world had moved on, but NASCAR released this photo of a tiny rope loop taken close up creating a very ominous looking picture out of something that had already circulated around social media looking not so ominous.

Despite the lack of photos from NASCAR or the FBI or mainstream media previously, most people had already figured out what this was, including Twitter comedian Mark Dice, who speculated on the pictures as we reported early. Hayes tweeted: “Do, um, people normally tie garage pull ropes like this…?” It seems the leftists and perhaps Bubba Wallace himself just don’t want this to go away. See tweet:

Here’s Mark Dice’s angle posted in a video to Twitter:

Many leftists are implying that perhaps only that one stall had this unique ‘noose” and that it still may be some kind of racist conspiracy, even though NASCAR and the FBI have said there was no foul play. Here’s Dice showing that this is a standard garage pull and you can see how small it looks in comparison to the ominous photo put out by NASCAR that Twitter is going crazy about.

Here’s an example of some of the outrage that can be found under MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ tweet: “Guy tying knot: “I’ll just make a non-noose-shaped loop here, and then wind it around in a non-noosey kind of way at the top. Then maybe I’ll just hang it here so it in no way resembles a noose whatsoever. Ok, looks great.”” See below:

It remains to be seen yet if this is just a blip or if this hate crime ‘hoax’ as some have called it will make a resurgence in the nightly news and start a fresh round of racism accusations and rage from the cancel culture left.