National File’s Jack Hadfield Exposes Massive Immigration Problem in Europe With Explosive Documentary

National File thinks it’s not a coincidence that they were suspended on YouTube just before they released a much-researched documentary about illegal immigration in the United Kingdom. As reported here, they will not able to post on their YouTube channel anymore.

Although it’s hard to say for sure if there was a connection with the YouTube suspension, National File and Jack Hadfield are determined to get the word out, in their own words, about what’s going on. Although illegal immigration is happening in massive numbers in the United States under the Biden administration, many forget that it’s happening in Europe as well.

Many have argued that too much immigration, within too short a period of time, whether it be legal or illegal, can change the culture of a nation and not always for the better either. Although others may argue against this, it should be fair for people to want to have a safe nation-state where immigration doesn’t go uncontrolled whatsoever, and to be able to speak their mind on the issue without fear of censorship as well. Hadfield posted his report with video inside to Twitter, captioning it:

“WATCH: Destination Dover – Migrants in the Channel. My shocking new documentary covers in detail the illegal migrant crossings into the United Kingdom and how the British government is facilitating them!”

The Port of Dover is a cross-channel ferry, cruise terminal, maritime cargo, and marina facility that is in Dover, Kent, south-east England. Hadfield begins his video by telling you that this area was a defensive point for hundreds of years, to keep illegal immigration stemmed, but now, he claims, authorities are actually facilitating “invasions” from across the sea.

National File reported in part:

My team and I scoured the beaches and ports to document their landings and learn the perspective of native Britons. We even spoke to the migrants themselves to discover how they reached the United Kingdom, and more importantly, why they wanted to make the crossing that has been impossible for almost a thousand years.

I invite you to watch our documentary, and join us as we explore the global crisis of illegal migration, and see how it not only affects one small community of Britons, but the United Kingdom as a whole.

Click on their report above to view the entire shocking video, exclusive footage, and narration by someone on the ground and in the know with exactly what’s going on. It’s called DESTINATION DOVER: Migrants In The Channel.

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