Newest Victoria’s Secret Model Megan Rapinoe in Hot Water Over Unearthed Anti-Asian Tweet

Women’s soccer star and Victoria’s Secret’s newest model Megan Rapinoe, set to represent the company in a campaign featuring a group of “diverse women,” is under fire over an unearthed anti-Asian tweet.

As reported by the BizPacReview, the tweet was from May 19, 2011, and tagged a Twitter account that is no longer active, which reportedly belonged to Natasha Kai’s, a former U.S. Olympian and professional soccer player from Hawaii, whose heritage is a mix of Caucasian, Filipino, Chinese and Hawaiian.

Rapinoe responded to the unknown tweet, “@tasha_kai00 u look asian with those closed eyes!”

Many have now descended on the tweet to offer their own thoughts to the the gay, Trump-hating feminist who found herself on the wrong side of “woke” this week, as BPR put it.

One responded, “broski,” summed up the feeling of many and seized on the cancellation theme that is typical with the “woke” mob.

He asked, “Does @VictoriasSecret stand for anti-asian hate???” He then followed that up with, “And what about @USWNT?”

Thus far today, Victoria’s Secret hasn’t commented, but have pandered to the “woke” by tweeting, “We’re Celebrating Juneteenth by creating space for our associates to recognize and honor the importance of this day and acknowledge the freedom of enslaved African Americans in the US. Learn more about our commitments here & join us on our journey.”

The USWNT also took time today to tweet about the new federal holiday, while failing to address the Rapinoe controversy.

They said, “Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States, which Congress has just voted to make a federal holiday. An important milestone in American history and a day for celebration, education and reflection.”

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