‘No Snitchin’ SC HS Teacher During Social Justice Lesson Warns Students ‘What’s Said in This Class, Stays in This Class’

During a lesson on “social justice,” a South Carolina teacher talked about how one of the rules of her class was that there was to be “no snitchin’,” which means “what’s said in this class, stays in this class.”

Shari Revels-Davis teaches at what she calls an “alternative school” and that her school focuses on children and teens that have been in the system, suspended, and expelled, and focuses on getting these students back on track rather than forcing them out into the streets.

After reading the report from the Post Millennial on the situation, Twitter user “AuburnGuy” suggested “Put cameras in the classroom just like they put cameras on cops.”

In a presentation that is shown on video, Revels-Davis tells her students that the topics are going to be “tough” to talk about.

Revels-Davis references the book “Long Way Down” by Jayson Reynolds, which talks about the “three rules of the neighborhood” in the beginning of the book.

From The Post Millennial:

The rules outlined in Reynolds’ book are no crying, no snitching, and get revenge.

She then goes on to set up the classroom’s own “three rules of the neighborhood,” based on these three rules.

In the most eyebrow raising rule, the no snitching rule was changed into “what’s said in this class, stays in this class,” insinuating that students cannot openly talk about the class’ contents with other.

Parents and teachers across the country are fighting back against critical race theory teachings in the classroom, with many parents learning about its contents because their children are breaking the rule that Revels-Davis set forth in their classroom.